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I wrote this book in 2005, briefly describing the chaotic but life-changing journey of my forties. At thirty-nine I was a people-pleasing “nice girl” who knew how to keep everybody else happy but was seriously depressed myself. During the next decade, I gradually discovered hope and joy as I owned my own dreams, strengths, passion and calling to engage actively in the world. I knew many women of my generation would resonate with my story. I was grieved, however, to discover how many younger women identified with it—and continue to do so.  Sadly, both secular and Christian culture continue to prod potentially radical world-changers into the constricting confines of innocuous niceness. For the sake of the world and each other, we need to break this pattern!


FIT To Be Tied

Bill and I wrote this book twenty-five years ago out of the struggle of our own marriage.  We’ve wondered during various times of deep marital challenge if we should have titled it Fit to be Un-tied.  But the truth is: the lessons we learned and shared in that book have proven to keep us connected to one another, to our kids and to God for over forty years.  And we continue to receive notes and emails from both young and old couples who thank us for offering guidance and hope as they face their own marital challenges.  (And yes, I agree, it’s definitely time for a new cover on this book!)    


REdiscovering Church

I’ve never quite liked the title of this book.  Sounds a little arrogant, I think—as if a couple of brilliant 23-year-olds discovered the truth about what church is meant to be.  Yikes!  No!  That’s not what we meant!  What we rediscovered was that the Gospel of Jesus—lived out in a local community of faith—had something radically gripping and beautiful to say to us and to our friends.  In 1975, few of our peers viewed the Gospel that way, and we barely did.  So, what we began to experience together in the late 70s in a dingy movie theater with a bunch of naïve but zealous kids turned our lives and our dreams upside-down.  It was exhilarating and exhausting, miraculous and messy, wonderful and…sometimes not so wonderful. This is not the story of a megachurch (a horrible word created decades ago by some infamous journalist or analyst); nor is it a systematic presentation of a proven paradigm for ministry.  This is the true story of the good and bad that happened in and around us during the early years of Willow Creek Community Church. 


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