Words Fail

Greetings from Turkana. There is nothing like death by starvation. Would love it if you could spread the word…

I received the brief email above from my friend, Don Golden, who was in Kenya. The subject line read simply: “words fail.”

Like you, I’d already heard much about the famine in East Africa. I’d wondered what to do, how to engage. But Don’s words gripped me like none of the other reports I’d seen or read. Perhaps that’s because I know Don has already seen the worst of the worst; I’d traveled with him to Eastern Congo and sat with women who had been brutally raped. And I know how articulate Don is in describing what he sees in his global role with the Christian humanitarian organization, World Relief. So when words fail Don, I know I need to pay attention.

Watch this brief video called “Crisis in Turkana” to learn more.

CRISIS in Turkana, Kenya from World Relief on Vimeo.

To follow World Relief's efforts in Turkana, visit their blog: https://worldrelief.org/blog

To give directly to the life-saving intervention in Turkana, go to

There is still time to save the children of Turkana, but not much time. Even a small contribution can make a huge difference.

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