Why Don’t They Just Come The Legal Way?

That’s the question I hear so often regarding America’s current illegal immigrants.

Here are other common questions:
• Aren’t undocumented immigrants a drain on the economy?
• What part of “illegal” don’t you understand?
• Why don’t they just learn English?
• I’m not an immigrant. Why should I care?

A new media-driven social-action movement—officially launched today—answers these questions and many more. Called UnDocumented.tv and started by Matt Soerens and Jesse Oxford, this movement seeks to inspire and mobilize young evangelicals towards championing the needs of immigrants. While I’m not a young evangelical, I highly respect Matt and Jesse and believe wholeheartedly in this project.

Please check out Undocumented.tv to watch a film that tells the true story of many of America’s current immigrants and to learn about practical steps you can take to engage personally with immigrants and become a voice for the vulnerable.

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