Where I’d Be on November 10 If I Weren’t in the Holy Land

Photos courtesy of International Justice Mission

Yes, I’m in the Holy Land.  I’ve been here for nearly three weeks and I’ll spend another two weeks here.  On November 10, I’ll be in Nazareth, speaking at a women’s event for my friend, Dina Katanacho (Arab Israeli Bible Society).  However, if I weren’t in the Holy Land on November 10, I’d definitely be at the International Justice Mission (IJM) Benefit Dinner in Chicago.  Why?  Because I believe IJM is one of our most significant and effective weapons in the fight against human trafficking.  And because I believe every person of faith ought to be involved in this fight. 

Every time a human being is sold for sex or forced labor it is a crime against humanity and against God.  Whether it’s happening in Cape Town or Calcutta or Chicago, it has to stop.  And it can be stopped if we all do our part. 

Visit IJM.org to sign up to attend. 

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