Vote Yes! To the Dream Act

I’ve received more criticism about immigration reform than anything else I’ve ever written about. Misunderstanding and misrepresentations of the DREAM Act have been rampant; opposition has been vocal and vitriolic. However, just this week a long list of evangelical Christian leaders signed a letter to new Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, asking him to vote Yes to the DREAM Act when it comes to a vote tomorrow (Saturday, December 18).

The DREAM Act would provide opportunities for young undocumented immigrants to attend college or serve in the military. Like the leaders who signed the letter to Senator Kirk, I believe that our Christian faith compels us to advocate on behalf of these young people. We have students like this in our own congregation at Willow Creek, young men and men who were brought to this country by their parents, not of their own choice, and yet now, despite their hard work, they have few options for the future.

For a current real-life look at one such student, please take five minutes to view this video about 18-year-old honor student and youth pastor, Bernard Pastor.

Then call your Senator, wherever you live, by dialing 866-996-5161; you will be immediately connected based on the area code from which you are calling. To leave a message for Illinois Senator Kirk, call his Washington office at 202-224-2854, and say you would like to leave a message in support of the DREAM Act.

AND ABOVE ALL, PLEASE JOIN ME IN PRAYER FOR THE DREAM ACT as it goes to the Senate for a vote tomorrow, Saturday December 18. We need to be faithful in prayer and to trust not in “human beings, who cannot save,” but in “The Lord [who] watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow…” (Psalm 146).

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