Urgent: Arab Christians Speak Up About Syria

Geoff Tunnicliffe is Secretary General/CEO of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), which represents the evangelical Christian community throughout the world. He is currently in Jordan, speaking at a conference hosted by King Abdullah that focuses on the challenges of Arab Christians. The main speakers are Christian leaders from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.  

Geoff reports a major consensus among the Christian leaders in the region that any military intervention by the United States will have a detrimental effect on the situation, particularly for Christians in Syria. Christians in Syria have already been threatened by some opposition leaders, indicating that a different regime in Syria will not welcome Christians.  Geoff asks: "Does the US administration have a plan on how to protect Christians and perhaps other minority groups in the event of a regime change?"

Geoff has long represented the WEA with a strong voice for peace, justice, human rights and freedom of religion throughout the world. Also at the conference to represent the World Evangelical Alliance were Mark Burnett (recent speaker at the WCA Leadership Summit) and his wife Roma Downy.  Roma was the only woman speaker at the conference.  I'm so grateful she was able to lift her voice on behalf of peace and justice. Thanks Roma!

Please pray today that our government leaders will have wisdom as they debate military actions in Syria, knowing that with such a complex and tragic situation, there is no perfect response.  If you would like to speak up for restraint and diplomacy, you can do so here.

Also pray for the Arab Christian leaders now gathered in Jordan, that their voices will be strong and that they will be heard.  I initially got involved in the Middle East at the request of Arab Christians who said, "American Christians don't understand the Middle East. Why don't they listen to us, to those who live here?"  Please join me in listening to them as they speak this week. 

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