The Lunacy of #MaybeICan2013

Shortly after I started my kayaking adventure and launched #MaybeICan2013, my blog was retweeted by a guy whose profile described him as "pastor/runner/writer/father."  I thanked him for the retweet and said I liked his "job description."  I sensed he was unusually interested in #MaybeICan so I asked if he was planning a personal challenge.  I thought I was just being gently probing, though he describes that a bit differently!  Still, he responded warmly.  Here's my most recent email from him.  Further details of his adventure will be available soon.  Thanks, Steve, for inspiring me back!  Here's to the lunatics!


Hi. This is Steve, the pastor/runner/writer/father. I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to join you in the lunacy of Maybe I Can.

I loved your blog, as you know, and retweeted it, in a kind of "Wow, what she's doing is very cool" way.

And then you tweeted back at me, wondering what I was planning to do for Maybe I can. How rude! :)

But when I looked up and noticed what was already taking shape in my life, something powerful and wonderful and fun came together.

My uncle invited me to run the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim with him on September 15th. It will be 22 miles of descent, raw beauty, and finally climbing what is apparently called "The Devils Staircase." Maybe I can, but I wish they wouldn't have called it that. So, long runs and my hill workouts are my new best friends.

And I met with an old friend who has started a beautiful non-profit based in Ethiopia called Eyes that See, and he told me that they have helped 100 women escape prostitution, by putting them through an academic program, then getting them jobs and places to live. You can read a little about it here: And I thought, Maybe I can help some more women go through the program.

So I prayed, and talked, and I'm doing it. On September 15th, I'm running Rim-to-Rim, and I'll be raising funds for Eyes that See, so that we can partner with 14 year old Ethiopian women, some of whom have been raped by their fathers, so they can experience some resurrection. The details are still coming together regarding what we are going to set as a goal for how much to raise. I'm excited. I'm scared. But Love Does, so I'm doing it!

Thank you for helping me see, for encouraging me that maybe I can, too.


Steve Wiens
Twitter: @stevewiens