The Justice Conference

Just over a year ago I discovered a group of young, creative, passionate church leaders and artists from Bend, Oregon, who shared my outrage about the injustice faced by victims of violence and corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The more I got to know these talented young Christian activists, the more I respected them. On February 11-12, 2011, I’ll be joining them in Bend for THE JUSTICE CONFERENCE.

As the conference brochure states:

The Justice Conference is about the nature of justice. Justice as the foundation of human rights. Justice as the expression of equality. Justice as the fabric of freedom. Justice as forgiveness. Justice as reconciliation. Justice as restored relationship between the creator and the created. Justice as the very nature of God.

The Justice Conference is 2 days, 12 speakers, 50 organizations and hundreds of book titles all about the Biblical nature of justice.

I’ll be speaking at a pre-conference luncheon based on my book Nice Girls Don’t Change the World, and at a keynote session where I’ll interview Matthew Soerens and Jenny Hwang about their book, Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion and Truth in the Immigration Debate. Matt and Jenny have become heroes of mine and I’m honored to be able to help further their important and timely message.

But more than speaking at this event, I’m excited to attend it. I can’t wait to hear Nicholas Wolterstorff, Shane Claiborne, Marcel Serubungo (an amazing man I met in Congo), Mike and Danae Yankoski, and many others who live out the Biblical call to “do justice.” Dozens of my favorite organizations will also be represented, from World Relief to International Justice Mission to Tom’s Shoes; it is a great opportunity to learn about how we can partner with others to fight the greatest injustices in the world.

If you’re wondering if you should attend this event, check out this brief video by Old Testament scholar, Walter Bruggeman.

If you’re wondering if justice is something Christians should care about, this is a don’t-miss event!

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