Thanks to you, Lisa is going to school!

Four days ago I told the story of Lisa, a survivor of horrific sexual abuse from the time she was two years old until she was rescued at twenty. You can read more about her on my previous blog.  When I heard Lisa's story, I couldn't imagine that the next chapter of her life would include losing her student visa, being forced back to her home country, and giving up the dream she's been working for so diligently.  So, I invited you to join me in helping Lisa raise the $25000 she needed by today.  Well, thanks to many people who gave and prayed and gave some more, Lisa is going to school!  Here's a personal note Lisa wrote last night when the final funds were tallied: I don’t know how to say “thank you” to each person and individual who has contributed to my education fund so I can finish my schooling and stay safe. Right now, my tears are flowing freely - gently cascading off my face. I am touched and so grateful. 

My entire existence in this world has been based on terror; the terror of captivity in the sex slave trade, as well as the constant fear that I would be made to go back to my home country due to lack of funding. Through your donations though, my visa will not expire. Because of you, tonight, freedom has been handed to me. I can stay safe, as well as finish my education. I never dreamed that God would provide in this way, but I am seeing over and over again that miracles do happen. From the depths of my heart - thank you for my freedom!!!!

Many thanks to all of you who Tweeted and Re-Tweeted, and told your friends Lisa's story, and prayed, and hit that little "donate" button.  A lot of little actions added up to one huge blessing!

May this be how we live each day, open to ways God might want to use us to meet the needs of his children!