Help First-Responders Rescue 4,000 Syrian Women & Children--NOW

Questscope is one of my favorite organizations serving refugees and displaced people in the Middle East. I've traveled with them, I've seen their programs, I've met their top leaders as well as grassroots volunteers. I just received the following email update about an immediate and critical need. Would you join me this weekend in giving on behalf of 4,000 women and children. Just $50,000 can lift them from despair to dignity and hope. From Questscope...

4,000 women and children are currently being evacuated from two besieged towns in the Idlib governorate of western Syria to designated areas around the city of Homs – right now, this week. They have lived under siege for more than three years. Our team there will coordinate this move and provide support and shelter.


The Need

These women and children have experienced three years of siege, never clean water, no medical care, always gnawing hunger. They need everything from doctors to dry, warm clothes. And it is winter in Syria. Like winter in Ohio, only more wind.

familysnow-01Here's What Questscope Staff is Doing:

Coordinating safe passage to the safe area Providing emergency food aid & clean water Winterizing shelters Donating warm clothes and blankets Setting up & staffing medical clinics Offering trauma counseling Creating educational activities so children can feel "normal" again

How Can You Help?

We have one week to act. One week to show 4,000 women and children that their suffering is not forever.

We have experienced staff and willing volunteers on the ground.

But we do not have the funds needed to purchase the necessary medicines and medical supplies

Help us surround these 4,000 women and children coming out of a three–year siege with loving life-saving care.

$50,000 would get this going for them – $12.50 per woman, per girl, per child – the price of a couple of Christmas-special lattes!

Wow! What a latte can do!

Do it with us! Please! You can give here.

From Lynne: If you've read this far in this blog, I know your heart has been gripped. Can you give $10? $25 $100 $10000? Whatever amount you can give will help us help Questscope do what God has uniquely gifted and positioned them to do NOW!


Don't let this be the end for Syrian families!!!

I just donated. Join me? It's easy. You can do it right now here.

Questscope is a humanitarian organization for people whose lives have been ravaged by war and poverty. For over 25 years we have provided alternative education, mentorship, and emergency aid throughout Jordan and Syria. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Your gift is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. 615 1st Ave. NE, Suite 500, Minneapolis, MN 55413 │ 612.607.6476 │