On my way to Africa

In eight hours, my friend, Christine Anderson and I will be joining a team from World Relief in Kigali, Rwanda, then driving across the border into the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Since 1998, five million Congolese have died in the most deadly conflict since World War II. But there’s more bad news. One major weapon of mass destruction used in this civil war has been rape: brutal, mutilating rape, of everyone from children to grandmothers. The DRC is truly the open wound of the world, and the worst place on earth to be a woman. And yet most of us never even hear about it.

The purpose of our trip is to help raise awareness about the Congo by producing short video clips highlighting the plight of women, the role of the church in rebuilding a broken country, and current peacemaking effects. Christine and I and the World Relief team will be meeting with pastors and other leaders who are bringing the Light of Jesus into an extremely dark and evil situation. We’ll be meeting with women who have suffered unimaginably. Please pray that we will be fully present to each person, so that the Holy Spirit can work through us to comfort and encourage.

For years I said I was the ultimate "home body," but in recent years I have fallen in love with the process of entering new cultures as a learner and sister. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to take this trip.

Africa, Congo, travelLynne Hybels