My Lazy Christmas Wish, take 2

A year ago I wrote a blog called My Lazy Christmas Wish, about how my experience of the month of “joy and peace” has changed over the years, particularly as my perspective on “what matters and what doesn’t matter” has changed. As I reread that blog this morning I realized that everything I believed last year I believe even more deeply this year. Why?

Because Grandson #1 has been joined by Grandson #2; this means I have to spend twice as much time snuggling (thus leaving less time for lesser things). And because my parents are 81 and I know that leisurely phone conversations with my mom are a greater treasure (for both of us) than any gift I could put under a Christmas tree (not that I’ve actually managed to put up a tree). And because I just returned from a region of the world that has suffered decades of conflict, and I’m convinced that a quiet morning spent in prayer for my Middle Eastern friends who are peacemakers trumps just about anything else I could do.

So…one of the ministries at my church asked if Bill and I would open our home to 65 international church leaders for a pizza party—tonight. I agreed as long as all I had to do was get the house presentable (clean and orderly with folding chairs squeezed here and there) and arrange flowers for the tables. I like arranging flowers, so that’s an easy contribution for me to make to the evening. However, real life happens when you’re planning parties, and as it turns out my daughter needs someone to snuggle Baby Mac today while she prepares for a weekend speaking engagement. Hmmm. Choice. Spend the afternoon making the house “presentable and arranging flowers” or “snuggling Baby Mac?” Duh.

I offer apologies ahead of time to all the people who won’t find a place to sit tonight because the folding chairs will still be stacked in a closet and to those who can’t find a dry hand towel in the bathroom because I forgot to put out a fresh stack. And about the flowers…well, I hope I can squeeze in a trip to the florist today, but there’s no guarantee. Merry Christmas anyway.
May you—whoever you are reading this—make a choice today that allows you to experience what matters. And may we all remember that what matters most is to say with our thoughts, our words, and our actions: Come, Lord Jesus. Come into my life today and use me for your purposes.

PS Read last year’s Lazy Christmas Wish here.

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