Let’s Join the Global Voices of Nonviolence

Wednesday, September 21 is the United Nations International Day of Peace. It’s also the kickoff day for an initiative called Global Voices of Nonviolence that will continue through October 3. The catalyst for Global Voices of Nonviolence is the extraordinary film, Little Town of Bethlehem, which powerfully documents the true stories of three Middle Eastern peacemakers committed to nonviolence: an Israeli Jew, a Palestinian Muslim, and a Palestinian Christian.

To launch Global Voices of Nonviolence, the film will be screened on September 21 at 7pm ET at The Catholic University of American in Washington, DC. Immediately after the film, a distinguished panel will discuss how nonviolence can become a path to peace and a greater humanity in the Middle East and around the world.

What will make this event truly extraordinary is that it is available to a global audience. By live online streaming of the film and the panel discussion on Beliefnet.com on September 21, audience members anywhere in the world can join in the conversation and become part of an innovative “screening without borders.”

This live launch of Global Voices of Peace in Washington DC will be followed by 12 days of Little Town of Bethlehem screenings throughout the world on college campuses, houses of worship and online. Never before has the message of nonviolence been given such a powerful and expansive platform.

A year ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to screen Little Town of Bethlehem in our home. We moved the furniture out of our living room, brought in folding chairs to create a private theater and showed the DVD on our television screen. Afterwards we facilitated a lively discussion in support of peacemaking and nonviolence. It was a simple, but powerful event that helped galvanize an active group of Christians committed to the ongoing work of nonviolence.

Why don’t you register to be part of the live online launch of Global Voices of Nonviolence? http://littletownofbethlehem.org/globalvoices/#watch

Or find out where Little Town of Bethlehem is scheduled for a live screening in your area? http://littletownofbethlehem.org/screenings/north-america-screenings/

Or better yet, why don’t you plan your own screening event? http://littletownofbethlehem.org/screenings/host-a-screening/

For an excellent article on nonviolence written by Palestinian Christian, Sami Awad, one of the peacemakers featured in Little Town of Bethlehem, go to

Don’t miss this opportunity to add your voice to the Global Voices of Nonviolence!

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