It’s Time for Immigration Reform and Christians are Leading the Way

I’ve written much in past about the need for comprehensive immigration reform.  Like many Americans, I successfully ignored this issue until I got to know hundreds of wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ at Casa de Luz, Willow Creek’s Spanish-speaking congregation.  As these hard-working men and women from countries throughout Latin America began to trust Willow Creek leadership, they started sharing their stories.  We discovered that many of them—a majority, in fact—were undocumented immigrants.  Driven by desperation and poverty, they’d come to America to provide a better life for their children.  In many ways they were succeeding.  But they lived each day with guilt for having broken the law and fear that they would be found out and deported. 

My husband, Bill Hybels, and I believe God has entrusted these sincere followers of Jesus to us and to our ministry.  Part of what that means is that we have become advocates for comprehensive immigration reform.  A video has been launched today which highlights the voices of many evangelical leaders—including Bill—who support the call for comprehensive immigration reform. 

This video is part of a national “I Was a Stranger” Challenge to encourage individuals, churches, college campuses, and even legislators to take 40 days to read 40 passages of Scripture that in one way or another relate to the topic of immigration.  Our Casa de Luz congregation began the 40-day challenge on New Year’s Eve.  Tomorrow I’ll be joining them.  Will you?  To join the challenge or just learn more, visit

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