Happy Father's Day, Dad!

 This is my all time favorite photo of my dad and me.  Dad bought this cycle shortly before my parents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary because it was an exact replica of the motorcycle he and my mom rode on their first date when they were seventeen.  Yes, he is a true romantic. 

Speaking of romantic, here’s my Mom and Dad dancing at my niece’s wedding last fall.  They were, seriously, one of the last couples to leave the dance floor. Personally, I think they were in their own little world that night, eighteen again and dancing at their own wedding!

 This year, as they approach their sixty-fifty wedding anniversary, they’re not putting many miles on their motorcycle, which sits proud and sparkly in their garage.  However, they’ve putting miles on their custom-made tandem recumbent.  Ever the mechanical tinker, Dad continually tweaks this machine to better suit their style.

With a year of aggressive chemotherapy behind him, Dad and all of us who love him are adjusting to his new normal, a less energetic, slower way of living.  Throughout the winter, Dad’s oncologist kept saying, “We’re going to get you back out on that bike!”  She was right.  He and Mom are enjoying these summer days, riding slowly and not-too-far, but at least they’re riding again, adding a mile or two on each outing. 

My dad’s always been a garage person.  When I was a little girl I used to hang out with him in the garage while he worked on cars or created custom “things” out of metal.  Sometimes I had to wear safety goggles to project myself from the sizzling light of a welder or a mask to protect myself from flying shards of cut metal.  I never really paid attention to what he was doing, never tried to learn about it.  I just went out there because he’d say, “Hey, Lindy, come out and talk to me while I work.”  And I loved to do that.  

I’ve decided that this summer, when I hang out with Dad in his garage, I’m going to try to learn something.  He’s agreed to teach me to weld; he even reorganized his “stuff” in the garage to make it user-friendly for a novice.

 I have every intention of devoting my brain and my hands to the art of welding.  I’ll take it seriously and give it my best shot.  My dad is, after-all, a great teacher; it would be a shame not to let him teach me.  But secretly, if all I do is hang out in the garage and talk with him, I will consider it time very well spent.