Fathers Helping Fathers on Father’s Day

I hope my dad doesn’t read my blog today. If he does, he’ll know he’s getting an auto mechanic in Mexico for Father’s Day. Well, not the whole auto mechanic. But he and I together are making a good-sized investment in the auto shop of a young entrepreneur in the community of Cuajinicuilapa in southern Mexico. This young man has the skills to earn a living wage; he just needs a little capital to purchase the automotive repair products that will allow his business to take off. Through World Vision Micro (www.worldvisionmicro.org), the new microfinance investment program started by World Vision, the loan I’ve made in honor of my father will help another father build a better life for his wife and three kids. Once the entrepreneur pays back the loan, my dad will be notified by email that he can re-invest the money in another loan for someone else. If all goes as planned, Dad will be able to re-invest the money again and again.

I know my dad will be thrilled that a young father is receiving help in his honor, and as a lifelong “tinkerer” on cars he’ll be glad I selected an auto mechanic for his first loan recipient. He’ll be doubly thrilled that I’m going to visit him in Michigan on Father’s Day. (Dads never tire of visits from their “little girl.”) He’ll be triply thrilled when I show up with a gift basket of goodies in honor of his sweet tooth. And Dad, in case you’re reading this, there’s still one surprise you don’t know about yet. Happy Father’s Day!