Egypt: Celebration Update!

I just received this email from my friend, Fady Eldeiry. Fady grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, but now lives in Chicago and attends my church. I've taken two ministry trips to Egypt with Fady, most recently in December, 2010. Fady's love for his country is contagious. Read his email and join him (and me) in celebration. And keep praying!

From Fady:
I almost think I’m not actually typing this. It is so unbelievable, only God could make any of this happen!

So, January 25 some youth took the streets, and for 12 days so far, they’ve been making history faster than anything I’ve ever seen. It’s like a movie.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, when the pro-Mubarak people came out, most of them were thought to be agents from the police. But thankfully that died down, which in turn brought the protests back to peaceful.

On Friday, miracles started happening! While the Muslims were praying in the main Tahrir square, the Christians made a human chain shield around them to protect them! It was an amazing scene of protection and love between people who all of a sudden discovered love, discovered patriotism, discovered each other! (see picture above)

Then on Sunday, it was the other way around! Christians held an event with a couple worship songs that talk about blessing our nation and God hearing our prayers. It was an amazing miraculous event that I never ever thought I’d see in a Middle Eastern country! People were singing, chanting together as one, in the public square! Here’s a video of the event on YouTube:

Sunday afternoon, we watched the live Kasr El Dobarah Church’s service online, which was held at a different location, due to their close location to the square. It was an amazing picture of a church in a country that broke the chains of fear! Pastor Sameh Maurice, who is my all-time hero!, talked about:

  1. Spirit of Courage: The people discovered that they don’t have fear to speak up anymore! The people are not afraid of the authorities abusing them.
  2. Spirit of Patriotism: Flags everywhere, people rich and poor, Christian and Muslim, old and young. Neighbors met each other for the first time, made friends. People broke the barriers and started hugging each other, and making community.
  3. Spirit of cleanliness: People went out on the streets and cleaned their own neighborhoods. That led them to be respectful of their city and its cleanliness. He was talking about Tahrir Square being clean in spite of all the people in it. Then he talked about the cleanliness from corruption. That is something that started with this revolution and needs to continue and get rooted in society.

He talked about the poor in Egypt (over 40% of Egyptians live under $2 per day). He talked about taking care of them.

Then he talked about the role of the church. He said the church is not a political institution, rather they teach people Biblical values, and the people make up their own minds. He said that during the day of protests held by both, opposition and pro, there were church members on both camps. And he’s proud of that. He said the church is about God’s Agenda, not man’s agenda.

Then he started a time of prayer, saying that a birth of a nation is happening. There’s always pain in birth, and continued prayer is essential. He mentioned the prayers the church has been having for the nation, and he said that they’ll keep praying until God fulfills His promises.

  1. They prayed for God to visit the homes of the poor and from the flooded Nile, fill the thirsty people. To bless His people, Egypt.
  2. They prayed a blessing on the birth of the new nation. The hands of God are in it, and no human can do that! They asked God to complete the birth process, to bring people out in each city to continue prayers, until we see His name honored throughout the land.
  3. They prayed about God opening the strength of heaven, and when He does, nobody can shut it! His Kingdom come on earth…
  4. They prayed for unity in the Church in the land.
  5. They prayed for blessing on the families with loved ones who died in the protests.

Thank you for your continued prayers for these historic events. This is truly history, that’s brand new (not repeated history) for Egypt. One of the young protesters had a sign for Mubarak to “step down already, because the history book is getting larger by the minute, and he’s worried about how much he’ll have to memorize in school!”

God is in control, please keep praying for safety and security for the people of Egypt. Pray it ends in peace. Pray for a new government that will be righteous and just. Pray the country rebuilds fast, and so that the economic situation doesn’t hurt the poor even more or increase poverty. God bless you all!

Fady Eldeiry

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