Congo Journal 3

Ten Congo Memories
Yesterday Fed Ex delivered a very important package to my house.

Congo visas for Christine, Sherri, Lili and me had arrived!  Fed Ex delivered similar packages to Belinda, Marianne and Erin.  Receiving visas made our upcoming trip seem very real.  It also brought back lovely memories that Christine’s camera captured on our 2009 Congo journey.  Enjoy!
Volcano that hovers over Goma
Some school child stayed up too late the previous night
Good times with new friends
Sunday morning in church
Sleeping in church
Christine and a few friends
Women make and sell these bags to support 
victims of sexual violence
By paying back her microloan this woman 
earns a larger one to expand her business.

When you hear statistics of death and sexual violence in the DRC, it’s easy to forget about the beauty of the culture, the resilience of the human spirit, and the joy that can permeate communities even when it’s pain or hardship that brought people together. 
Check back tomorrow to learn Ten Fast Facts About Congo and to watch a short video.   And if you’ve just joined our journal, you can get caught up by reading my last two blogs.