Congo Journal 13

Prayers En Route

My watch says it’s midnight, but the sun is rising as we make our descent into Amsterdam.  After a four-hour layover, we’ll continue on to Kenya, Rwanda, and finally our arrival in Congo.  During the dark and quiet hours of this flight, I have pondered prayers that I compiled from the Ten for Congo team.

In those prayers I find hints of answers to questions people have asked me during the last few weeks.  Why are you going to the DRC?  What do you hope to accomplish?  What differences can you make?  Actually, I don’t know the specific answers to those questions.  But I firmly believe that if we are sensitive to God’s leading, we’ll discover those answers along the way.

So, here are our prayers:

That we will be totally present and available for whatever and whoever God brings our way.

That we will see the people we meet as God sees them.

That we will honor people in how we listen to their stories and respect their dignity in how we tell their stories.

That there will be a God-breathed healing power in presence with people.

That the people we meet will tangibly feel God’s love mediated to them through our words, our touch, our prayers.

That we will be an encouragement to the World Relief staff and the pastors who are working so hard and serving so faithfully.

That even in the face of the suffering we will see, we will maintain confidence in Christ’s power to bring about change.

That we will each return home knowing what we are to do in response to this trip.

We also hold in our hearts our families back home and thank them for supporting us in taking this journey.