Congo Journal 11

One More Delightful Evening With My Boys!

I'll be leaving for the airport in ten minutes. O'Hare...Amsterdam...
Nairobi...Kigali...Goma.  I was going to write a great Bon Voyage blog last night but instead I had my boys come over to spend the evening (and a bit of the night).   After building, building, building with Legos, Henry snuggled in amongst the animals on "his bed at Nana's house"  and went to sleep.

Mac fell asleep while we were playing on the floor; I didn't have to bother with the Pack and Play upstairs.

It was a blissful few hours--the perfect way to spend a pre-travel evening.  Bill was speaking in Canada, so I sent "boy photos" to him and made him jealous.

When Shauna and Aaron stopped by after their very late small group meeting to pick up the boys, they stayed for awhile and prayed for me and Congo and the Ten for Congo team.  Later I'll share their prayers with you, as well as the prayers the entire Ten for Congo team will be praying while we travel.

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