A Country at a Crossroads

Here is a recent update from two of our pastor friends in Cairo:

There are many many people walking towards the Tahrir Square for solidarity, including people we know personally.

  • The military is on the streets keeping safety and security, and not harassing the people. THIS IS HUGE in a Middle Eastern country!
  • The police came out yesterday and started keeping order again from looters, etc…
  • The people are still taking care of their own neighborhoods, keeping security, cleaning the streets, hanging out together!
  • People are meeting each other, rich and poor, Muslim and Christian, all for the security and benefit of their country. I’m getting goose bumps thinking about this!
  • The government shut down the trains, to stop people from going to Cairo, but there’s already 18 million in Cairo!
  • Several of the top leaders of the protest movement are Christians. Christians, in general, are very much involved in the peaceful side of the protests.
  • Although some of the buildings around the church were damaged or burned, nothing happened to the church property. And now the military is securing that whole neighborhood. Also, it helps that the US and UK Embassies are a block away.
  • The members of the church are meeting in small groups for bible study and prayer.
  • Pastor (...) goes to the church every day to pray with the staff and with people showing up there.
  • The church has organized the membership in groups for cleaning up the city, treat the sick and hurt, and care for the needs of people. Yesterday, two of the pastors were on duty in the streets, cleaning the mess with many members of the congregation.
  • Pastor (...) is very optimistic about what is coming. The major persecutor of the church in Egypt, who was serving as interior minister, was deposed from his position today, and this is wonderful news for Christians.
  • The army told the population they were there to defend Egypt, not a particular regime. That’s unprecedented.
  • Pastor (...) thinks if Mubarak resigns, the situation will return to normality in very short notice.
  • The Egyptian TV just announced that a previous US ambassador just arrived in Cairo to talk to Mubarak. We’re hoping he takes him with him! And give him guarantees for his safety.

Pastor (...) asks all of us to pray for Egypt, and for what is coming up in the near future. The country is at a crossroads. The next events will determine if all of this unrest will result in what Christians have been praying for for a long time: a more just, free and democratic country.

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