Christine and I are heading downstairs for breakfast, our last meal in Jordan before heading across the Allenby Bridge into the West Bank. On Tuesday we met with Jordanian Christian friends who minister to Iraqi refugees, hundreds of thousands of undocumented men, women and children who cannot integrate fully into Jordanian life, yet cannot return home because of threats against their lives. It is a tragic microcosm of the plight of so many refugees throughout the world.

Yesterday we met with women, in a large gathering in a church and a small gathering in a home. In both places, I discovered again what I have discovered wherever I have traveled: that beneath the surface of their lives women everywhere are so similar. When I speak about my deepest struggles and dreams, heads nod in affirmation and conversations quickly dip to the level of soulful connections. I love it!

OK, time for a QUICK breakfast. Seems that I have been rushing for two weeks--but it's been well worth it!

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