On a previous trip to Israel/Palestine I met Nora Kort, a feisty Palestinian Christian woman who has been serving poor Palestinians for decades. Nora recognized that many of her countrywomen were experts in traditional Palestinian needlework, but they had no outlet for their products. So Nora started a shop called Melia in the Old City of Jerusalem where she sells the needlework of over 500 women from poor villages throughout the West Bank—women who for the first time receive a fair, living wage for their hard work. The attached photos cannot fully capture the brilliant colors and excellent quality of the pillow covers, table runners, bags, and scarves that now have Christine’s and my suitcases bulging at the seams. I am now fully prepared to set up a little Palestinian gift shop in my home to further the empowerment of the beautiful, strong, hardworking women we’ve met.

UncategorizedLynne Hybels